How to add make-up in Photoshop CS3 to make someone look beautiful

Posted by David Khoirul
On Saturday, the day I arrived in Jakarta after a 12-hour trip by train, my girlfriend Sury asked me to take a picture using her Oppo Find Piano. I was not really sure about the picture actually, but Sury wanted it to be edited, so I let Photoshop do its job.

Photoshop make-up, one of the very popular techniques in photo retouching, is not difficult to do. First, I softened Sury's skin using Gaussian Blur filter and masked several areas to preserve the sharpness. Then I change the shape of her cheeks, chin, nose and eyes. Dodging and burning tools are involved to add definition in the nose, chin and cheeks.

And lastly, as usual, I added fake depth of field using Lens Blur filter.

Unfortunately Sury refused to upload her "before" picture.