New blog template, for SEO or design?

Posted by David Khoirul
Every blogger has at least changed their blog templates twice in lifetime. In WordPress, unless you upgrade to premium or you have a self-hosted blog, you cannot do much stuff to edit the theme because your theme options are limited. In, it’s always easy to experiment with templates, which are all available either free or paid from many websites and blogs in the internet, and from the dashboard by default. Just do a Google search, type free blogger template, and you’ll find a large number of results.

I changed the blog template today after long consideration. In fact, my previous template, the navy blue one, was used in both here on and my Javanese blog It’s very hard to let go what you love.

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free new blogger template download blue and black

Why changing the template?

Many reasons. First of all my previous template was out of date, not suitable anymore with the current design and functions. Blog features have changed, and Google Algorithm has its own new ways, a more updated behavior, to crawl web pages. Maintaining my old theme affects my search engine results, disturbs the eyes of visitors, gives readers annoying navigation and makes it difficult for social network sharing.

It took me four hours to fix everything before the new blog appearance is ready. Starting from 2 p.m, when I woke up, I turned on the laptop and went to this blog homepage. Damn. My blog looked so ugly. How could I never realize? Then as I chatted with my friend Adam, who also suggested me to work with the blog design, I decided to download a template and repair anything that needs fixing, including the blog logo which I created in Photoshop.

Where did I get the blog template?

To be honest, I stole the template of my other blog, Davologi, which ranks better in Google than this blog, despite being written in Indonesian. The original color of the template was blue.

I went to the template page on Blogger dashboard, edited the CSS, and modified the language so that it suits this blog, whose content is mostly written in English.

Do not think I know about CSS. When modifying the codes in the template editing page, you know, I just pressed CTRL+F in Chrome to find color values. I matched the color with the one I saw on my homepage. For example, if I wanted to change the blue, I had to find which string has blue on it. Then using Photoshop as my aid in deciding color value, I entered #393939, which is light black.

How many times has the template changed?

Since I built this blog in 2007, I have changed the blog template more than 10 times. Even the domain itself changed twice:, and now back to

During my experiments with templates, what mostly I saw was just the design. When the design was good, I would pick it, install to my dashboard and edit some parts. Things like SEO, user-friendliness and responsiveness are secondary. Now I realize that a blog is your home and you have to understand how to treat your home well so it makes you and your guests feel comfortable.

For the sake Google or layout?

As I said before, currently I focus not just on how the blog looks to my eyes, but also to the visitors and, of course, search engines. I want to build more readers for this blog, so besides sharpening my writing skills, I need to make my blog friendly to humans and machines.

I start to write more content, with at least one post per day. My record is five posts—I hope to make more writings as the time goes. If I have to prioritize, my number one is content, then Search Engine Optimization), then design. I don’t want to write merely for SEO and sacrifice the writing itself. Many bloggers out there, especially Indonesians, publish craps every day, just because they are obsessed with ranking good on Google.

Blogging, for me, is writing. Being a blogger means you train yourself to be a good writer, a journalist, a master of language, and sometimes an HTML or CSS designer. Whether you like or not my new design, I welcome you to my blog.


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