Slow speed? Turn on Opera Turbo for faster browsing

Posted by David Khoirul
At least for three days, I got mad with my slow Internet access on Tri AON. My solution, and this is the best, is installing Opera Mini to my Windows 7 laptop. Everything becomes faster and cheaper of course because the software compresses my data in such a smart way I get 50 times better browsing performance. However with this Opera Mini on desktop, I can't go to my blog Dashboard, which is a disappointment.

This new problem made me depressed for I need to publish blog posts, at least twice a day. So I tried other ways: I sent posts via email but couldn't add labels, posted via a third-party service but got scared of security, and opened the dashboard from UCWeb but failed to load and publish articles. I finally remembered that the desktop version of Opera offers a Turbo feature, which works similarly to Opera Mini on mobile phone. If the trick works, I don't need to use microemulator to run Opera Mini on PC.

Opera Turbo feature makes your browsing faster with compression data

Yes, after I installed the browser and activated it, my browsing speed increased dramatically. You see, this blog post was written in Opera, using Microsoft Word for drafting. To turn on the Opera Turbo feature, just click the menu on the top left, scroll down until you find an option that says "Opera Turbo," and hit that button. Done.

From now on I will blog and surf the Internet from this browser often. Good morning, guys.


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