Primagama results

Posted by David Khoirul
What’s happier than seeing your son pass the test with a satisfying result? Two weeks ago, Sury and I took Lailul Agsya to Primagama, an educational institute that gives special exam preparation courses. He joined the test for Math and Science Olympiad, and yesterday his school sent an announcement letter to us, saying that he ranks 6 of 52 selected students from all schools in the district of Tanjung Priok. A happy news indeed.

Agsya, my son in law, rarely reads book. Instead he plays online games on tablet, watches movies on our laptop and talks to his imaginary friends as he always does.

Her mother is proud of him after receiving this news and asks me to teach him more English, so he can join another Olympiad next year.

Primagama test results for olympiad


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