Indonesian forums and Websites that publish your articles

Posted by David Khoirul
Yesterday I did a small research for popular blogs, forums or Websites in Indonesia that receive article contributions after a language service, translation in particular, which is based in USA, asked me to to promote its software to Indonesian community. My job is to write, translate and distribute the articles to well-reputated Indonesian websites. After posting on Facebook for help, thanks to friendly Facebookers, I found several Websites which can be potentially good for publishing our writings. Each Website, all in the Indonesian language, requires registration before a user can post messages or articles.



Owned by leading newspaper company Kompas Gramedia, this website was previously a blog for Kompas journalists. Kompasiana is now open for registration and serves as citizen media where everybody can join and post contents such as text, photos and videos.


Kaskus, the biggest online forum in the country, was founded in the United States in 1999 by Indonesian students Andrew Darwis and Ronald Stephanus. Kaskus has more than 4,000,000 registered accounts, over 650,000,000 posts, and is voted by PC Magazine Indonesia as The Best Indonesian Community.


VIVA Log is a blogging community managed by While I am not sure if it has to pass editor’s reviews before a user posts an article, this page has quality contents in various topics.


Perdetik users can submit articles that link to their blogs and websites. Bloggers and webmasters use this service a lot to promote their content and drive more traffic to their page.

Indowebster Forum

Like Kaskus, Indowebster Forum is one of the country’s largest communities that store files, postings and discussion. Indowebster, often called as IDWS, was established by Juny Maimun.


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