Dolphin, UC Browser and Opera Mini—which one is faster?

Posted by David Khoirul
Dolphin browser, according this report, is the fastest when compared to famous apps Opera Mini and UC Web. I’ve tried the three browsers in my Android, and my conclusion: Opera Mini accesses the internet much faster than both UC and Dolphin. Just like UC Browser, Dolphin is good for its flash support, easy multiple tabs and desktop-like interface, while Opera Mini lacks all those things.

However when it comes to speed and data compression, UC and Dolphin can never beat Opera Mini, which uses its own server to access the web.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini, as in most Android web browsers, has a multi-tab feature, select-copy-paste, and smart data compression, which makes every page seem so light and quick that you forget you click them. One weakness of Opera Mini is that it fails to open sites using flash, Ajax and complex HTML structures. In this case, YouTube videos cannot play in the browser and will throw you out to other applications.


Dolphin allows you to sync your content across different devices, mimicking the desktop Opera, Firefox and Chrome. It also has theme options just in case you’re bored with the default layout Dolphin provides. Like the app logo, this browser goes up and down in speed, the same way as dolphins in the ocean jump.

UC Browser

UC Browser, with night mode feature, helps you read online content without straining your eyes. When it comes to download, I have to say this browser performs better than Opera Mini or Dolphin. However, Opera Mini wins over UC Browser in overall performance: lightness, speed, and simplicity.

If you want to experience an even faster browsing experience, I suggest you to try Puffin, a mobile browser for Android developed by CloudMosa. I’ve tested the app and I think it’s the best when you talk about speed. In my previous post on my other blog, I wrote a review on it, along with a video demonstrating its awesome speed.

Finally it depends on your need. For downloads, go for UC Browser. For interface, go for Dolphin. For lightning speed, simple look and easy navigation, go for Opera Mini.

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