Why do I use Blogger (blogspot)?

Posted by David Khoirul
On Facebook and emails, I received some questions about why I keep using Blogger, a blogging service owned by Google, and not Wordpress or other platforms. My answer: I use Weebly and WordPress and other services as well, but Blogger has made me fall in love. From 2009 to 2010, I experimented with many platforms such as Multiply (now shutting down), Hubpages and self-hosted WordPress. But I came back to Blogger as soon as I got tired of those services, like a teenager who went back home after all day playing on the beach.

Blogger.com, being my first blogging engine, has accompanied me to learn many things, including writing, webmastering and social networking. I remember I posted my early blog posts from my phone, making a good use of the Blogger post-via-email feature. When you are poor and you don’t have a computer, this feature saves you.

Reasons why I like blogger blogspot

Blogger is free

Like many Indonesians, I’m a big fan of free stuff. So far I have never bought web hosting or domains although this blog previously appeared as davidkhoirul.com in 2011 and davidkhoirul.net in 2012. Those two domains were free; I got them from contests. Blogspot doesn’t cost anything, so I can manage my blogs anywhere and anytime I want without worrying about payment, quota or expiration.

Blogger is hosted by Google

Everyone knows that Google is the giant company and the king of the internet. I trust Google for many things. I use Gmail as my main email, Android as my phone, Google Search as my online help, YouTube as my video sharing and streaming, and Blogger as my blog platform. All of them are owned by Google. Imagine you can have all the things just in one place.

Blogger is more secure

With WordPress, you won’t always get informed when your site is hacked. Blogger and Gmail have features that ask for confirmation, either by call or SMS, before a person from a different location logs into your account. You don’t need to worry about security because this verification process takes forever. People need to know your secret codes and personal information to hack your account.

Blogspot integrates with Google products

One benefit of hosting your blog in Blogger is that you can integrate it with other products of Google such as Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Google Docs, Google Drive, Picassa Web, Google Webmaster, and Google Analytics. You need only one account for all those services. If you use WordPress and you want to submit your site to Google Webmaster, for example, you will have to create an account first.

Blogger supports JavaScript

Unless you host your own blog, you can rarely find blogging platforms that allow you to use JavaScript. The free WordPress.com itself forbids JavaScript and CSS customization, preventing you from inserting slides, Adsense ads and pop-up texts. In Blogger, users can customize the design and add advertisements or banners in any format.

To sum up things, I choose Blogger because:
  • It’s free of charge
  • It’s hosted by Google, the giant in the internet
  • It protects your blog
  • It can be integrated with other Google products
  • It supports JavaScript and CSS customization

I know some people may disagree, so post your comments and let’s talk about it.

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