Editing a picture of girls in Photoshop Touch for Phone

Posted by David Khoirul
How powerful Photoshop Touch for Phone is. I took this photo of Muslim kids doing hajj simulation last year in my village Blimbing in East Java. More than seventy children joined the event, learning to do the ritual of the fifth pillar of Islam. Ahmad Jhony, the committee, asked me to draw some illustrations for the simulation. And at the same time, I also served as a photographer. I took about fifty photos of kids with various activities, ranging from doing thawaf to stoning the jumrah.

If you think I captured it with a professional camera, you’re wrong. I use Cross A7#, an Android phone I bought last year for $100. While a Canon ad on TV says lenses are the power of SLR camera, I say Photoshop is the power of cellphone camera. Many friends on Facebook posted questions on how I edited the photo using Photoshop Touch, and I have actually responded in a video:

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Try to maximize your phone camera, and don’t care about resolution and other stuff. When you’re good at photography, you can use any camera to take pictures, even pictures with colorful bokeh like what DSLR camera produces.


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