Taking a photo of beautiful girl and editing it in Photoshop

Posted by David Khoirul
For the first time I watched movies in Jakarta with Sury. We watched Indonesian movie—which we actually don’t really like. We did it because Sury brought friends who are crazy for Indonesian cinema.

As we went home at 7 pm, I took a photo of Sury using her phone Oppo Find Piano. I liked how she smiled in this picture and the lights behind her.

In fact, I took several photos, about five shots, before I chose this one to go for image processing. Almost all photos I take must pass this stage. It’s like the process of cooking. You won’t eat rice without being cooked, will you? A photo without editing is like sate without kecap.

However, editing doesn't mean cheating because I don’t use any other photos to manipulate, nor do I attach somebody else’s work.

When I have time, possibly on next Sunday, I will take another picture of Sury.


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