Should women plan their pregnancy for better career?

Posted by David Khoirul
US communications companies help their employees plan their family, so they are not pregnant very young.

At first glance, the idea is logical and even elegant: pregnancy prevents well-qualified woman from working hard at workplace, in which the company has invested. Once the baby is born, the attention to the baby makes her miss events and trips, which also generate and share ideas and network of important contacts for the company.

Facebook already does it and Apple will follow in 2015: Young workers pay egg preservation for a later event. According to NBC, the two companies bear costs up to $ 20,000 for the removal and egg freezing.

Proponents of the idea say women can get pregnant later when they have already climbed better and secure positions. From 30 years old, female fertility drops rapidly, but the woman who keeps eggs in conservation can have children later.

Pure delusion or a great plan?

But isn’t there also later trips, overtime and business appointments outside regular hours? You can combine ideal career and children, without sacrificing either.

Parental protection offered by Apple and Facebook is no exception in the United States. Only few firms hold kindergarten in their companies and pay a bonus to parents by the time they need care for their newborns. While in Germany the law asks pregnant women not to work 6 weeks before and 8 or more weeks after delivery. In the US, there is no such protection.

Communications companies, industry dominated by men, want to appear attractive, selling the idea that there is no more promising career when you have children.

The real compatibility between children and career is not postponed as soon as you start a family. Employment contracts grant women the freedom to plan their lives long term, rather than keep young employees hung annual contracts.

The real cooperation between children and career is in a corporate culture where overtime and appointments outside of regular hours are the exception. Instead of offering egg freezing, companies should build a vast network of kindergartens and promote the care of children by couples of employed women.

Moreover, in Germany you need to improve the legal basis for, men and women, combining career with children. Otherwise, it will be the companies that lead the family planning of their workers. That is why and when women do not have all the energy and are not suitable for creative IT sector? Then women can stay at home and look after their children. Definitely, do you?


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