Running Opera Mini in Windows 7 laptop

Posted by David Khoirul
I’ve always used Opera Mini for my online activities since 2008. In my old Java-based phone, in Symbian, and now in Android, I have this app of various versions. Opera Mini 4.2, the old one, is my favorite.

I find this browser fast comparing to other applications that offer the same service. So starting last night, I’ve begun to browse the internet on my laptop using OpMin 4.2 and 8, combined with TroidVPN and DroidVPN. You may wonder how I install it on PC. It’s simple. After a couple of searches on Google, I found some posts about how to run Opera Mini, and actually other J2ME apps too, in Windows using Java emulator software.

how to run Opera Mini on windows 7 PC computer

Requirements to install Opera Mini

Before you follow these instructions, you have to make sure that you have installed Java in your PC. Click here to download Java from its official site. If you already have it, you can skip this step. The next one is downloading MicroEmulator, the JAR file of Opera Mini and, if necessary, the JAD file.

Installing Opera Mini

Place the JAR and JAD file of the Opera Mini app in MicroEmulator folder. Later when you open it from the emulator, it will automatically initiate installation. MicroEmulator works just like your virtual phone, complete with screen, keypads and menus.

Running Opera Mini on PC

Now that you have all requirements set up in your computer, you can go to MicroEmulator folder and click microemulator.jar. It opens a new window, the one resembles a cellphone. In this window, click File > Open MIDlet File, and navigate to the location where you saved the downloaded file of your OpMin. Click start and enjoy.

The idea of this is inspired by my slow internet connection in North Jakarta. I use Tri AON, which gives me free access to certain sites, but I ran out quota, so the provider decreases my speed. With Opera Mini, I can get rid of that problem. Posting on Facebook, chatting with girlfriend and friend, and blogging can all be done perfectly from this browser.

The weakness of running Opera Mini in emulator is you cannot select, copy and paste text. It also prevents you from downloading, saving photos and uploading files. But for a person who isn’t crazy about downloads like me, OpMin on PC is more than enough.


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