Flickr on iPad

Posted by David Khoirul
Photo-sharing service Flickr launches an update on Saturday, providing a new app for tablet photographers. This latest version of Flicker is friendly with your tablet device, optimized for iOS 8 and Apple's Retina displays. If you like photography just like me and have an Apple tablet, you should try this 1000GB of free storage in the new app.

This app is not only for storing photos; it comes with a camera that can capture your best moments or wonderful portraits of your daughters and beautiful landscape when you go to the beach. As you feel your phone is too small to take pictures, tablet is another alternative to satisfy your photography hobby.

Like what other photo apps have, Flickr also provides you with editing tools and filters to make it easier to retouch your work. Photography without editing, you know, is like soto Lamongan without chicken. I love this features a lot and can’t imagine if my photos are just taken and shared and do not pass this process.

This new app supports sharing with third parties apps such as Facebook, Twitter or MMS. When you want to share your kid photos with your wife, for example, you just need to do a single click to send them as picture message.

This news follows only a couple of days after Apple revealed the new iPad mini 3 devices and iPad Air 2.


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