Photo of an old beggar in Indonesia

Posted by David Khoirul
As I went home from my morning ritual of having coffee with Jhony, I saw an old beggar walking with a stick on his right hand. It caught my interest directly and I asked Jhony to stop the motorbike. Jhony handed Rp2000 and I took some photos. At first, the man looked scared when I came to him with a camera but then he understood that I just wanted to take a photo.

This photo is also an old one, taken in 2013 using phone camera Cross A7# when I was still in Lamongan. Photo was edited in Photoshop CS3 in my sister’s notebook.

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If you read my previous post about how to create crisp depth of field photo using Lens Blur in Photoshop, you’ll surprised at how easy it is to make a wonderful photo even if you take it using a cellphone camera.


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