Photo of muscular Asian man posing

Posted by David Khoirul
Last year, while waiting for fast-breaking in the holy month of Ramadhan, Harry, Rofiudin and I went to the beach to take some photos. We brought Rofi's camera, Sony Cyber-shot, to hunt for a good location. We finally decided to use Wisata Bom Anyar (WBA) in Brondong. If you think it's a beautiful place with clean environments, you're wrong. WBA is a harbor for the small boats of local fishermen. But who cares about the little dirt on a diamond? As long as you produce good pieces of work, no matter how you do it is not important. People look at your work.

I took several shots using the 2-mega-pixel camera; I'll upload other photos in my next posts, including the pictures showing three of us topless. Hey, did I just say that?

man in Asia with muscle topless his biceps triceps

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Photographing people is one of my passions. While my friend Jhony prefers landscape, I love portraits a lot and always get obsessed with their expressions. Taking pictures of people is not just capturing faces but recording their mood and and situations.


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