Photo of man with colorful bokeh in Photoshop

Posted by David Khoirul
Even Harry himself forgets when and where this photo was taken. But I, as the photographer, remember very well that he was on the beach in Blimbing, East Java, that night with me when I captured this shot. I uploaded this photo a year after I took it.

Blimbing is a fishing village located in the regency of Lamongan. It’s well-known for the many radical groups, terrorists, and suicide bombers. I don’t live there anymore.

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When I posted this photo in Photoshop group on Facebook, I received a lot of questions as to how I simulate the lightings. Many ways, of course. The rim light, for example, was made by painting. So it’s like a combination of digital painting and editing. I also once edited a photo in Photoshop Touch for Phone on my Android. Sure, whatever device is not a problem for you. Having skills of drawing or painting and apply them to image processing is like fighting using guns while your enemies only use bamboo sticks.