Photo of beautiful woman taken with cellphone

Posted by David Khoirul
Among many Sury’s photos, this picture showing Sury in a pink cap is my favorite. Sury took it using Oppo Find Piano, an Android phone she bought last year for $200, when she had a vacation to Bogor. A lot of editing is done to this photo, including changing the eye color, lips and background.

My main image processing software is Photoshop CS3. I think this program has done a wonderful job, almost able to do any kind of processing done by other fancy softwares. In Sury’s picture, I fixed the focus by simulating the depth of field effect. If you’re curious how I do it, try reading my previous post about creating depth of field effect using Photoshop and making colorful bokeh.

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Now in Jakarta, I can meet Sury in real life after our two years of long distance relationship. I hope to take more photos of her.

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