My friends now are Muslim extremists

Posted by David Khoirul
“We thank God that the kuffar (disbelievers) died,” said the 27-year-old Amir, an ISIS jihadist. “They’re dogs, animals that deserve to die.” Amir is a Danish guy who has been a good friend of journalist Jakob Sheikh since childhood. Jakob wrote an interesting story titled “My Childhood Friend, the ISIS Jihadist,” which is published on Danish newspaper and on Mashable.

He risked his life interviewing his old friend, who requested that his identity not be shown. Amir also demanded that the media do not expose the details of the story such as the airport that he traveled to before leaving for Turkey. It seems that Amir himself is lower than dogs; he does crimes and spreads the poisonous plague of doctrines to innocent people but stays hiding under his mask.

ISIS teaching and danger they kill and behead people

I find this story interesting because it tells almost the same cases of what happens to me and many people in my village, Blimbing, where many of my childhood friends turn to be extremist Muslims. Last month, my neighbor was caught by police for the possession of ISIS flag. That’s just ISIS. More radical groups freely recruit members, usually from Senior High School. Blimbing, a fishing village which is famous for its religious life, now makes itself the home for fundamentalism. The groups grow like grass among the paddy, ending up dominating the field if we don’t stop them.

Just like Amir, some extremist Muslims in Blimbing go to Syiria and Afghanistan for what they call jihad, fighting in the name of God. These people don’t hesitate to kill anybody. Last year, one day before Eid, they used knives to attack several men playing PlayStation. Of course we don’t want to see more people like Amir in Blimbing, and in Indonesia in general. Save our country.

Read more the story of Amir on Mashable.


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