Jokowi's speech in his inauguration as Indonesia's seventh president

Posted by David Khoirul
Jokowi was inaugurated yesterday and to be honest I regretted  not watching it; there's no TV now in my room because Caca, my girlfriend Sury's son, wants the television to be put in his house. But I did watch it on YouTube--a comfort you cannot enjoy before the era of internet.

As a new president, Jokowi can listen directly to the complaints of the people. No Indonesian presidents before him engage with the people in such a way that there's no barrier between him and them. He doesn't try to pretend, or make himself busy, to be a likable man as SBY likes to do. When you see Jokowi in the middle of the crowds, for example, you will identify him as one of their own, not as a president.

One of the quotes from his speech yesterday gives us a good lesson:

" develop Indonesia into a great, strong, prosperous and peaceful nation, we must possess the heart of ‘cakrawarti samudera,’ namely the heart of a sailor who courageously sails through big currents and rolling waves.  
As a captain mandated by the people, I’m asking the entire nation to board this ship that is the Republic of Indonesia and to sail together toward a Great Indonesia. We will stretch sturdy sails. 
We will face storms and ocean waves using our own power. I’m standing under the will of the people and the Constitution. Hopefully the One God will always bless our efforts together."
Read the full speech on The Jakarta Globe.

As usual, he delivered the speech in his relaxed and humble manner. He showed his capability in handling opposition by greeting his rival Prabowo Subianto in the beginning of the speech. From now to the next five years, he will lead the country and invite us all to be on board the ship of Indonesia, to build a better nation.

Congratulations, Pak Jokowi and Jusuf Kala, and good luck.


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