ISIS crucifies 17-year-old boy

Posted by David Khoirul
ISIS members executed a teenager by crucifying him for three days after he documented the military bases. "He receives 500 Turkish  lira for any footage taken," says a banner in Arabic on his chest. See the real images (no sensor) of the massacre.

The 17-year-old teenager had died when they put the banner, like a qurban cow with a price tag ready for sale. No one knows who has circulated the image in the internet, but one of ISIS supporters uploaded several photos showing the members beheading their own fighters for spying and espionage.

If you don't mind with graphic pictures, you may want to see the photos of people with their throat cut here. Crucifixion has been used by ISIS many times, and hundreds of people were killed in this way. They are tortured as if their life was not worth anymore. ISIS members slaughtered them like animals.

I am Muslim and I grow up with very strong Islam education, but I am never taught to do such a sadistic behavior. That's why when I know that ISIS has come to my village Blimbing, I feel so sad because most people there don't really know what's behind this group. Blimbing is known for its faithful people. Once you tell them that this is commanded by the religion, they will never talk back. ISIS has the knowledge to trick people to join them by recruiting them using religious approach. Talk to the villagers about hell and heaven, and they'll listen to you.


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