ISIS captures grenade supplies dropped by U.S. forces

Posted by David Khoirul
Dozens of grenades were claimed by ISIS to be captured from U.S. forces near the northern Syiria town of Kobani, as seen in a YouTube video showing a masked man with packages of weapons ready for blast. Apparantly, U.S forces dropped the packages from air early Monday to supply Kurdish fighters in the battle against ISIS militants. The footage of the video, however, has not been verified.

Most grenades supplies, according to Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby, were delivered safely to Kurdish fighters, but some have fallen into the hands of the Islamic State--it's like when you like someone but give the rose to the wrong person. The packages contain ammunition, weapons and medical supplies.

With these supplies, ISIS may have chances to brutally massacre more innocent people as they always do. Just a couple days ago, they crucified a 17-year-old boy for documenting the military bases. Thousands of people died in the hands of men who claim to receive holy mission commanded by God. I put no respect to ISIS members and will be happy to see them die even if they are my friends or family.


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