How to take low key photo using mobile phone

Posted by David Khoirul
On Thursdays, it's our routine to sleep in Bio Ahmed's house. Bio picks up Arul and me to Paciran by motorcycle after Maghrib. And as we step our feet on the land of Paciran, we eat noodles or fried rice, discuss funny stuff, and, of course, watch movies in Bio's house.

Bio's laptop is our theater. We've watched a lot of films from this screen--The Conjuring, First Love, Despicable Me, etc. But that night, when Arul asked me to take photos, Bio's Acer did one more job: as lighting. I turned off the lamp in the wooden room and brightened the laptop screen and took some dark pictures of Arul from various angle, producing this low key image.

create low key photo mobile phone Photoshop

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If you cannot use a laptop as the source of light, you may try TV, flash lights or even candles. Put the light at one side, so it lights your cheek and forehead and leaves the other side to remain dark. What makes this type of photo good is the contrast, the darkness and lightness it creates. In fact, every contrast always generates artistic results: little red in the green of grass, little sweet in the crisp of salt, little hard in the soft edges of paintings.


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