DroidVPN and TroidVPN, personal VPN apps for Android

Posted by David Khoirul
Many Android users in Indonesia use these two VPN clients to get free internet access. Although some lucky connections can make your network grant you access to the web, DroidVPN and TroidVPN are not made for the purpose of free browsing.

With DroidVPN, you get 100MB per day for a free account. DroidVPN has three protocols, i.e, UDP, ICMP and TCP. While TCP and UDP can be used without root access, ICMP asks your device to be rooted before you can enjoy browsing anonymously.

I myself prefer DroidVPN because it’s faster but also love to use TroidVPN for its big quota. TroidVPN gives me 1GB data daily. Unlike DroidVPN, TroidVPN doesn’t require registration and it allows me to connect to 8 free servers from 5 locations: UK, USA, DE, NL, and CA.

Download TroidVPN and DroidVPN apps for free android

TroidVPN and DroidVPN, both available in PlayStore, work perfectly on all Android devices with minimum version of 4.0.4 and above. My friend Adam once had Samsung Galaxy Young--which is running gingerbread—and downloaded DroidVPN from Blackmart and installed it, but it failed.

On Tri AON, combined with APN 3mms, ICMP works well even if your credit balance is zero and the signal is weak. I’ve been enjoying this free internet for three days, bringing me back to the old times when Harry and I would connect to DroidVPN in ICMP, ping Google server in Terminal Emulator, and watch unlimited YouTube videos.

Download DroidVPN in PlayStore and TroidVPN here.

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