Download Opera Mini 4.2 APK for Android

Posted by David Khoirul
Opera Mini has been my favorite browser since 2007 when I first knew the internet and started mobile blogging. At home, I didn't have PC nor laptop, so browsing from phone was my only choice to go online. There were not many internet browsers either at that time and I can say that Opera Mini 3, the first version, was the best one among all online browsing apps on GetJar. If you think of iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile, no, I didn't have that luxury. My phone was Nokia 6020 with a very small screen.

In 2008, when I installed Opera Mini 4, I fell in love with this browser for its look, strength and performance. I used it every day to post blog articles, read online content, and even download files. Opera Mini 4 was the backbone of my online activities.

After Opera Software released its Opera Mini 5, frankly I wasn't interested. Yes, I installed that version and used it for several days but then I went back to Opera Mini 4.

Opera Mini 4.2, the third generation in its version after 4.0 and 4.1, is fast because it compresses data to its best, lowers the quality of image, and uses font system that doesn't require much KBs. The navigation is also simple, applying old style of app menu such as Tools, Bookmarks, and Settings. No fancy features indeed, but the power it gives and the speed are amazing. Everyone knows simplicity is the best beauty.

And even now when I use Android phone, I still have Opera Mini 4 installed in APK fromat and still prefer this one over OpMin 6, 7 or classic in Play Store. Click here to download Opera Mini 4 APK for Android.