Crisp depth of field photo using Lens Blur in Photoshop

Posted by David Khoirul
This photo of Mat Kluruk is an old photo, which I took two or three years ago using Nokia N70. Mat is a person who is mentally ill. Every day, I see Mat sit alone as he talks to himself. No one knows what he’s talking about, but Mat seems to enjoy that, more than we enjoy ourselves chatting with friends at coffee shop.

Last year, when my sister Diana bought a notebook, I edited Mat’s photo using Photoshop CS3 in the new notebook. The background is fake—now I don’t remember where I took that background, but it was actually a sharp image. I blurred it using Lens Blur filter, and it just looks nice, mimicking the depth of field in DSLR camera. I wrote some tutorials like this actually in my other blog in Bahasa Indonesia. If you're creative enough, you can also use Photoshop Touch for Phone to edit photos.

What you need to do to create that effect is just selecting your subject and put an image as a background in a layer just below the subject layer. Blur the background layer and you’ll have that crisp look. This is what I call as finding focus after shot. This technique is also applied when I edited a photo of beggar in Blimbing and beautiful woman Sury's photo. When you're lucky, you can have bokeh in the photo.


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