Agsya joins Olympiad

Posted by David Khoirul
Last week on Friday afternoon Sury and I took Lailul Agsya, her only son, to Primagama office. Agsya is joining an Olympiad test for Math and Science after the proposal of his teacher Bu Sugianti. I am happy to accompany him to register. Sury took a photo just before Agsya entered the room for the preparation of a Math test. The 9-year-old Agsya, also we call him Caca, likes watching Hollywood movies, playing Boom Beach on his tablet and talking to his imaginary friends. He does those activities in such a large amount of time that we're worried about his study. Every afternoon after school, he goes to my house and eats lunch with me as he watches Transformers, his favorite movie.

Knowing that Primagama invites Agsya for the test makes Sury and me, as his parents, very proud. He has amazing memory, possesses more English vocabulary than I did when I was in Senior High School, and can count in multiplication from 1 to 10 better than any kids of his age. I hope he will pass the test so he can compete in the prestigious event.

Agsya reads his school text book seriously just a few minutes before the test


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