Posted by David Khoirul
I witnessed the marriage of Dana Mahendra's sister, Lailatul Maghfiroh, and served as a photographer. His husband, a bearded Banyuwangi man working in Bali, gives an impression of an extremist or Muslim terrorist rather than a coffee seller. In fact, he is not like what you think; after talking to him several times, I find that he can blend with people and accept diversity. Lamhot--that's how we call him--has been staying in Lamongan for a month now and, together  with his wife and brother in law, doing a small business at Lailatul's house.

Their marriage took place just two days after Eid last year. This photo was taken with my Android phone Cross A7# which I bought in Surabaya with my friends Bio Ahmed and Arul Chandrana in August.

I uploaded this picture on Instagram and received several comments, one of which said: Interesting tradition. Unlike what I expected, this picture looks good in black and white. Post processing was done in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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  1. Perfect couple dude, when will you (and me) have our own wedding? :D