Sunshine in paddy field

Posted by David Khoirul
Of course she was not in the paddy field when this pic was taken. It was a windy afternoon and Sury went home from a barber shop to cut her hair, and decided to take a picture of herself with Oppo Find Piano, an Android phone running Jelly Bean and featuring a two-mega-pixel camera. After she sent this photo to me on Facebok, I did an editing in Photoshop CS 3, without changing anything except the background, which turned blurry to render the depth of field effect. No cellphones can achieve that depth of filed, even the expensive ones--so thanks to Adobe Photoshop.

Sury has a camera face, bright skin and straight dark hair. Some of her friends, when she chatted with them on Blackberry Messenger, thought that the face on her display picture was somebody else, possibly a photo she took from a fashion magazine. She convinced them it was her. Some even thought that her face looked just like Marshanda, an Indonesian actress, presenter and singer.

This picture is one of my favorites of all Sury's photos.


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