FPI clash in Blimbing

Posted by David Khoirul

Tens of Blimbing residents walked to the house of Zen, a member of hard-line group Front Pembela Islam (Islamic Defenders Front), or better known as FPI, at 10 p.m. last night. I could hear from my house the shouts of people carrying swords, bamboo planks, and knives.

Residents are sick of FPI actions, which cause unrest in the village. In the night of takbir, just one day before Eid, five hard-line members wearing scarves and helms stabbed three men playing a video game. People got angry with that and decided to do an attack.

They passed by my house to head towards Zen's. 

Zen, however, succeeded in the escape, and angry villagers could only find his wife and kid in the house, ending up in the injury of Zen's wife's right arm. Meanwhile , FPI members from other places -- about 100 or even more -- arrived at 11 p.m., armed with swords and sharp weapons.

Trying to do the revenge, the group failed to find the mob and went to neighboring village Dengok to target the house  of Mukhlis, a man who had supposedly planned the attack and gathered the villagers. Mukhlis' house was damaged, and so was Zen's.

During the clash,  using a drum of oil, residents burned down two motorbikes owned by FPI members.

Fourty-two FPI members were arrested, including Zainal Anshori, the leader.

Front Pembela Islam has started to exist in Gowah, Blimbing, in the subdistrict of Paciran, Lamongan since 2006. With its success in cleaning up the village from drunkards and prostitutes in the first years, they got positive response from the residents of Blimbing. But today they overdo all the actions, more like gangsters than a group of pious people.


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