Zainul Arifin, another suicide bomber from Lamongan

Posted by David Khoirul

Arif Petak Zainul bom Poso LamonganIn the small alley of Gedong in Blimbing village, Lamongan, tens of people with beard were waiting for the human remains of Zainul Arifin, a suicide bomber who killed himself in Poso Police Headquarters several weeks ago. I came with Jhony Ahmad to witness the moment and succeeded in going inside the Gang Gedong. On the entrance of the alley was a banner saying "Selamat Datang Mujahid Poso." Welcome, Poso Warrior.

Journalists and curious villagers gathered outside, hoping to see the dead body of Arifin, but no news people and police officers were allowed to come in the alley, where Arifin's house is situated. "Mereka najis dan kafir," said a man with a green cap.

Zainul Arifin made an attempt -- under his belief that killing police is jihad -- to blow himself up in a failed suicide bombing in Poso, Central Sulawesi, on June 3, 2013. In his home village, he's known as a coffee vendor in Tempat Pelelangan Ikan (TPI) Brondong. He left a 23-year-old wife named Fatimah Nafisah who, at the time of her husband's death, was pregnant. Today, Fatimah should be ready to see only the head of her beloved husband; his body was scattered due to the blast.

After several hours of waiting, the body arrived at 10 a.m. in Blimbing, and as the coffin was taken out of the car, the sound of takbir was everywhere: Allahuakbar. God is great. Loud and Angry. And I could hear some shouting, "You police bastard. We win. You lose."

Despite a non-member of the group, I seemed to be accepted to blend with mob and considered as one of them, possibly because of my beard. I took some photos and videos of the crowd which calls itself mujahidin, the warriors of Islam.

"His corpse is fragrant and his face shines, " said a man in front of Arifin's house. "He's been a martyr. He's preserved by God. It's 23 days and he is still in good condition. That's miracle. Bodies of common people won't remain fresh in such a long time. They police have lied to us."

Zainul Arifin mayat Blimbing Paciran bunuh diri

I joined the procession until the Darussalam mosque but not the prayer. Darussalam is 150 km from Arifin's house.

Arifin was born on June 26, 1979 and was buried in Watu Pokak cemetery on June 25, just one day before his birthday. People knew him as a quiet man. He met his wife Fatimah in Pesantren Al-Ikhlash in Sedayulawas where he got the doctrine of jihad. At school, according to one of his classmates Yoyok Edi Sucahyo, Arifin was not really good. He graduated from SMP Paciran in 1994.

Misinterpretation of Islamic texts has affected Muslims' view on religious practices, including jihad. They cannot get along with the society. They make their own jamaah and perform prayers only with the group members. I'm very sad to see victims like Zainul Arifin who died in stupidity of thought that police are enemy, that everybody outside the group is kafir, that every difference must be destroyed.


  1. Islam Bukan Agama Teroris. Kebanyakan mereka yang punya jiwa jihat hanyalah sedikit/segelintirr orang dengan pemahaman yang sempit. Semoga tidak berkelanjutan