Amy Lee

Posted by David Khoirul

Taking at least ten hours, this portrait of Amy Lee, the vocalist of American rock band Evanescence, was done with ballpoint pen and 2B pencil, and is one of my best drawings so far. I did three installments to complete it. Sury Samsurya, who's a big fan of Amy, loves this drawing so much. But unfortunately, on Wednesday, two days after Sury's birthday, I finished the artwork -- a bit late for a birthday gift indeed.

If you see the picture quality is not really good, it's because I didn't scan it, only taking a picture with Galaxy Pocket.


  1. Hi,

    Absolutely excellent!

    Very, very realistic.

  2. Gak ngerti bahasa_nya om,maklum orang jowo.
    BLOG_nya cakep abis,posting_nya juga menarik...