Seeking shells

Posted by David Khoirul

karang di Blimbing

A group of kids looked for shells on the beach of Gowah, in Blimbing village, Lamongan. I captured this photo in a Friday morning with my Nokia N70 while hunting for fishermen boats.

Every morning during holidays, children and women go to the beach to seek shells, making them foods for lunch and dinner. They walk along the beach carrying plastic bags, buckets or plates.

The village of Blimbing, located on the northern coast of East Java, is an Islamic area where about 80% of its population make a living by fishing. Fishermen spend a week in the sea, and some even a month.

This photo of elementary school kids playing on the beach was processed in Adobe Photoshop CS4 with a lot of adjustments, especially in color, lighting and composition.

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