Adam and the Teak

Posted by David Khoirul

Arif Dana MulyaOn Friday this week, in the end of November, Adam and I did a photo-hunting in Dengok, next to P.T Omya Paciran. We used Adam's phone, LG KP-500 with a resolution of three megapixel. We also brought a modified lens which I grabbed from an unused disposal camera. Unfortunately the lens didn't help a lot since we did no macro shots.

But one thing for sure, we got a picture of Adam posing in the middle of teak garden.

The portrait of Adam, with some editing in the post-processing, used lens blur filter to create bokeh that mimics shallow depth of field in DSLR camera. Adam lives in Blimbing village in the regency of Lamongan, East Java, and has been my best friend since junior high school.


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