Children always love stories

Posted by David Khoirul

storytellingIndonesia Bercerita, a storytelling community founded by Budi Setiawan, encourages parents to tell stories to their children, considering the importance of storytelling for the creativity and brain development. was launched on Oct. 28, 2010, by Bukik (Budi Setiawan), Rudi Cahyono, Nindia Nurmayasari, Mohamad Zulkarnain and Imam Muttaqin.

“We are trying to sustain the practice of storytelling in parenting and educational practices which seems to be becoming increasingly rare,” he said.

“Our targets are parents, teachers, and children’s companions. By using podcasts, we hope to help them learn the stories and retell them, although in practice, our podcasts are listened to mainly by children,” Bukik said.

Now 105 stories have been uploaded and are ready to be downloaded and listened to, such as Bebek Ingin Terbang (The Duck who Wants to Fly), Dongeng Singa dan Tikus (The Tale of the Lion and Mouse) and The Rolling Rice Balls.

Community members can upload children’s stories as texts or in MP3 format. They can also download, duplicate and spread any of the stories form the website though not for profit, of course.

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