TPI Brondong

Posted by David Khoirul

TPI Brondong LamonganTPI Brondong is a local fish auction in Lamongan, standing for Tempat Pelelangan Ikan. Built in 60s in the era of president Suharto, the fish auction is the biggest in East Java and is the location where Dutch ship Van Der Wijck sank in 1939. TPI Brondong is situatued in the village of Brondong.

Ahmad Jhony, my blogging fellow, took this picture as he was working at TPI this morning. In the file photo, a number of women were busy cleaning the fish before they brought them to the traditional market or sold them to visitors in TPI.

Every once in a week, especially on Fridays, many fishermen go home after seven days of sailing, and you can find more fish with a cheaper price.


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