Hijabi woman punched by hardliner husband

Posted by David Khoirul

hijab woman in Blimbing Paciran punchedA hijabi Muslim woman in Lamongan was hit by her hard-liner husband on Friday. Sukidah, a 35-year-old woman from the village of Blimbing, is now being treated in PKU hospital in Paciran after her husband punched her in the head and sent her home to her father.

On Thursday, her husband, Huda, went home after two months of studying Islam in a pesantren, leaving his wife working and managing the household herself. Just one day after his arrival in his house in Kebon Sari village, he quarreled with Sukidah and punched her several times, making her passed out.

According to blogger Jhony Ahmad, Sukidah's father, Jono, had reported the case to the police, and Huda was arrested on Saturday.

Huda, who is a member of a hard-line group based in Gowah, is known for his temper. He joined Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) in 2007. His wife works as a snack seller at school.


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