FPI should reconsider its methods

Posted by David Khoirul

Visiting to Jakarta yesterday, New York Islamic Center's Imam Shamsi Ali spoke to Antara about the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), asking the hard-liner group to reconsider its methods to do the dakwah. Ali, along with 13 other interfaith representatives from the United States, was in Jakarta to deliver a message of peace and harmony through religious tolerance.

“The FPI still exists because there is public pressure to reduce unjust things in society. But, I disagree that you reduce unjust things through unjust ways, which contradicts the ethics of Islam.”

“That is why I really ask the FPI to rethink their ways, because Islam will always leads toward peace, not cruelty.”

“According to history, [Prophet] Mohammad always uses persuasive and peaceful methods to teach his messages.”


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