"Tanda Tanya" movie is on SCTV now

Posted by David Khoirul

So I'm watching controversial film "?" on SCTV now after waiting for long time and searching for the movie in the internet, something which ended up in nothing. Indonesian people, particularly Muslims, are too old-minded. In August last year, when Indonesian TV station SCTV planned to air the movie, a group of hard-liners, including members of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), protested it, besieging the studio on Saturday. The movie was cancelled.

As I'm writing this post, I'm watching the movie, though I was actually surprised when I turned on my TV and accidentally found the film.

The "?" movie -- sometimes also spelled out as Tanda Tanya -- was aired Friday at 10 p.m. With its Indonesia's religious pluralism theme, the movie plot involves interactions of three families: one Buddhist, one Muslim, and one Catholic. Tanda Tanya stars Revalina Sayuthi Temat, Reza Rahadian, Agus Kuncoro, Endhita, Rio Dewanto, and Hengky Sulaeman. I find the movie very intriguing, especially when it shows Muslim man Surya (Agus Kuncoro) participating in Easter festival and playing as Jesus, and when a banser of Nahdlatul Ulama saved a Catholic church from explosion.

The "Tanda Tanya" movie, which was directed by Hanung Bramantyo, portrays religious intolerance in the country. Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country, I know, but it has very little tolerance when it comes to cultures, ethnics and religions. Watching Tanda Tanya, I was reminded that violence cannot solve problems, and that living together in peace -- despite the difference -- will make life better.

Indonesia should produce more movies like this and not be afraid of protests from those old-minded people.

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  1. Ok, great view bro, Why didn't you send me text message to watch it too when the film being played :lol: