A Makassar journalist was attacked by motorcycle gang

Posted by David Khoirul

Journalistic duties are risky. I myself, as a blogger, have so far done what journalists usually do: interviewing people, visiting places, and sometimes getting involved in chaos and protests -- risking my life in the middle of conflicts. And in Makassar, South Sulewasi, on late Sunday a journalist was attacked by motorcycle gang.

The Jakarta Globe has the details:

Andri Jufri, a cameraman for Makassar TV, said he stopped his motorcycle to reply to a text message when he was approached by a man who abruptly hit him. Seconds later, members of a local bike gang attacked him.

Andri was saved by a local resident and he went to the Botoala subdistrict police office to report the incident.

Mardiana Rusli, chairman of the local chapter of the Independent Journalist Alliance (AJI), said that his office would support Andri throughout police’s investigation process.


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