Google AdSense now supports bahasa Indonesia

Posted by David Khoirul

Google Adsense, an ads service program owned by internet giant Google, now supports bahasa Indonesia. A very good news, indeed. Starting on February 2, 2011, users can publish their ads on Indonesian blogs and sites. "Adsense for content has been released for Indonesian market," said Niken Sesmaya, the AdSense account manager, on Thursday, as I quoted from

Indonesian publishers may create an Adsense account using their bahasa Indonesia websites, something that is very different from the first time I registered on Google Adsense in 2008, where I had to make several blogs in English. On its official blog, Google wrote, "AdSense now speaks Indonesian," referring to kecak dance, wayang kulit and Indonesian recipes.

In addition to that, Google AdSense for mobile has earlier been released for bahasa Indonesia, though it still can't be placed in Blogger blogs. Those who have a mobile weblog will be likely to see ads on their page.


  1. Thanks for this info. I've been waiting so long until Google heard my wish. :D

  2. Your blog is very good friend. You can introduce indonesian country to other people use english language.