Failing in English test, an Indonesian maid in Singapore killed herself

Posted by David Khoirul

A coroner in Singapore found a new Indonesian maid, Sulastri, 26 years old, dead after failing three times in English test entry. In Singapore, maids should pass the English language test before they start working. Sulastri, who died last year, has made the Singapore government drop the test for new maids and replace it with a settling-in program, The Jakarta Globe reported.

On Wednesday, a coroner found that Sulastri meant to kill herself.

The maid, who went by one name, was found hanging in the shower at a boarding house for new domestic workers on May 28. She died in hospital four days later.

State Coroner

Imran Abdul Hamid said there was no evidence of foul play. Instead, her death was “an intentional act on her part.”

The maid and her family faced a large financial loss if she was sent back to Indonesia. Sulastri had reportedly borrowed Rp 7 million ($785) from relatives to work here.

Indonesian maids have to pay an average of 3,000 Singapore dollars ($2,500) to come to Singapore. This includes agent’s fees and medical check-ups, and is deducted from their salary of about 350 Singapore dollars a month.

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