Bangladesh Market

Posted by David Khoirul
Two days ago, I received an email from my MXit friend Naeem in South Africa, in response to my post Dengok Pasar Cilik, a traditional mini market in the village of Kandangsemangkon, Paciran. It is interesting to note that in his home town of Chatsworth, Naeem says, there is a small market called Bangladesh Market, the one which is very similar to Dengok Pasar Cilik:

Hi David,

This is Naeem from South Africa. I read your very interesting article regarding the Dengok Mini Market, and we have a similar market here where I reside; it is called the Bangladesh Market, which is based in my home town of Chatsworth.

It was the Chatsworth Coordinating Council which was instrumental in the development of the Bangladesh Market. One of its concerns was the senior citizens of the community. But it was really the senior citizens of the Chatsworth community who played the most significant role in the establishment of the market.

The market today is mostly used by the poor and pensioners in order to give them the opportunity to generate some income to sustain their livelihood. Like the Dengok Mini Market, the Bangladesh Market is host to a variety of stalls, from foods, clothing, household appliances, and the list goes on.

So thank you, Mr. Khoirul, for teaching me a little about your country. It was rather interesting to see the community work together to earn an honest living just like the people of our Bangladesh Market.


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