Thank God, it rained

Posted by David Khoirul

Dry season in Indonesia will endAt 1 a.m. today while sleeping in front of my telly, I was awakened by the noise of water in the roof. I guess it must be raining. The air around turned cold, and I couldn't stand moving to my bedroom or I'll be frozen. Yes, the rain, for the first time since about four or five months ago, has poured here in the village of Blimbing in East Java.

Whispering to myself, I thanked God. Yesterday afternoon with the help of my friend Jhony, I repaired my broken water pump, pulling it up from my traditional well. Water, though still available in Blimbing, becomes a massive crisis in many places in Indonesia. If you watch your TV in the morning, you can hear the news about hundreds of people in rural areas relying water on a single well, or sometimes from dirty mud. Dry season in Indonesia has triggered this crisis.

In Indramayu, West Java, people collect dirty watter from a gutter. They filter it before using it for bathing, washing and cooking. In Tegal, People had to consume muddy water.

According to the head of Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), dry season would possibly end next month, and the rain last night, thank God, might be just the beginning and the sign of a new season, rainy season.

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