Google Chrome reaches 200 million users

Posted by David Khoirul

When it comes to internet desktop browser, I always recommend Mozilla Firefox. But other than Firefox -- and just in case you'd like something new -- you may also want to try Opera, Safari browser, Internet Explorer, or the three-year-old Google Chrome, which has now reached 200 million users as announced Tuesday by Google CEO Larry Page.

In May, according to eWeek, the users of Google Chrome was rising up to 160 users. And while Firefox is still used by many, Google Chrome has surpassed its popularity with about 15% market share.

Mashable wrote:

Chrome’s growth had been noted elsewhere. The browser has about 15% market share and in some markets, like the UK, it has surpassed Firefox’s share to become the second most popular browser after IE. Among Mashable readers, meanwhile, Chrome is the most popular.

If you're asking what browser I use to browse the internet, download files and applications, or write this blog post, then the answer would be none of the above; I'm using a powerful mobile browser on my Nokia N70 called Opera Mini.


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