Facebook is to be fined $138,000 for retaining user data

Posted by David Khoirul

Last month, Facebook removed my 75 photos in Mobilephotography album, the ones that I uploaded via Mobile Media Uploader, a Facebook app that lets me upload photos, create albums, and update status. This problem did not only occur to my account. All users who had uploaded photos via the app would lost their photos, even their albums.

Four days ago, thank God, all my photos were back. And up to now I have no idea whether this problem comes from Facebook or Mobile Media Uploader, but during my photos being lost, I put new images to Facebook, on the Mobile Upload album, by uploading them via URL. Other than Mobile Upload album, Facebook does not allow mobile users to upload photos, unless they do it on a desktop browser, via Facebook full site.

A similar but slightly different case happened to a Facebook user in Ireland, a 24-year-old student -- making the company face $138,000 fine for holding his deleted data.

The case began when a 24- year-old Austrian law student, Max Schrems, asked Facebook for a copy of all his personal data in June. Facebook complied, sending him a CD containing 1,200 pages of data, including his likes, “friend” and “defriend” history, and chat logs.

The problem? Schrems had deleted some of the data returned to him from his profile, yet Facebook retained his information.


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