Soon, Facebook will have a translate button in the comment section

Posted by David Khoirul

Facebook translate button launchedFacebook, the giant social network, is preparing to add a translate button in the comment section, especially for comments on pages. A good move, indeed.

In tests that we and others are now seeing on some parts of the site (only on Pages, at this point), comments in languages other than your account’s current one now include “Translate” button next to them. If you click on the button, the comment is automatically translated to your account language. The Translate button is then replaced by “Original,” which if clicked will untranslate the comment.

Facebook has already successfully crowdsourced the translation of its site to dozens of languages, connecting millions of people to each other around the world in new and unexpected ways. For an interesting example, take a look at the aggressive international cooperation that happens between users trying to mutually advance in a social game like FarmVille.

[via Inside Network]


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