PicYou, another instagram-like photo editor

Posted by David Khoirul

If you're using Nokia s60v2 like my N70, you won't be able to install Molome, a social networking site and app which works with photo editing and sharing, and features various retro effects. Being in the beta phase, Molome is only available in certain platforms, including S60v3, S60v5 and Android.

But there's no need to worry about. Although the Molome website does not allow users to upload or edit photos, people can now sign up for a new account on other instagram-like photo editing site PicYou.

The San Fransisco-based photo sharing site connects you to Facebook and Twitter, and lets you enhance your photos so they look more unique and gorgeous. On PicYou, you can meet new people, share about photography tips, and make new friends.


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