Google's new algorithm influences Page Rank

Posted by David Khoirul

Google's new algorithm, now with a better system, has influenced how a web site or blog is ranked on the search engines. It seems that the algorithm is no longer prioritizing on the number of links coming to your site, but on how good and original your content is.

Profilic blogger Fatih Syuhud of, who previously got PR 4, for example, has his blog ranked 0 (zero) although he keeps updating regularly. The reason in clear, I guess. Syuhud quoted many paragraphs from other sites, something which may end up being considered as copying -- despite the fact that Syuhud gives credit to the sites.

Another surprising fact is my Narasel, a bahasa Indonesia blog which is hosted at and currently being inactive. Narasel gets PR 2, and so is absolutely not a blog and I rarely post updates there; only members of the site will write something in forums or in the shout box.

How do you think Google algorithms influence page rank? Post your comments.


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