Indonesian student in Singapore receives Public Spiritedness Award

Posted by David Khoirul

Michael Theofanis indonesian hero in Singapore receives Public Spiritedness AwardIndonesia, here's your hero: a student of a Singaporean university. While not many people in Indonesia are honored for their works, in Singapore 30-year-old Michael Theofanis, an Indonesian, has received Minister's Public Spirited Award for his selfless act. Theofanis helped capture two bad guys who robbed a taxi driver.

Indonesia's The Jakarta Globe has the story:

Armed with a wooden plank, Indonesian student Michael Theofanis was so intent on chasing down two thieves who had robbed a taxi driver at knife point that he did not notice policemen closing in around them.

That is, until one of the men in blue tackled him from behind, thinking Theofanis was a robber because of his wooden weapon.

'All of a sudden, my face was in the dirt and I couldn't really breathe because he had me in a lock,' said the first-year student at the Management Development Institute of Singapore.

'I kept telling the cop I wasn't the bad guy, but he thought I was lying.'

The misunderstanding was cleared up when the cab driver, who had called the police, explained that the thieves were the ones getting away.

In fact, Theofanis was a bit nervous when he ran after the robbers, as they were using a knife.

'I was actually quite afraid even as I gave chase, because they had a knife and I knew my parents had sent me here to study, not to be a hero,' said the 30-year-old, who came to Singapore as a student six years ago and is now pursuing a degree in accounting and finance.


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