How TV slowly kills you

Posted by David Khoirul

Watching TV can reduce your lifeAfter smoking and drinking, researchers have now found a surprising fact about your health: Watching TV can reduce your lifespan. While the reasons are always questionable, this finding helps you learn that too long staring at the stupid box is sometimes bad -- I spend hours daily watching TV, though. :)

A study by researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia has concluded that, for every hour of television watched after age 25, the average human lifespan drops by 22 minutes. A person who watch six hours of TV per day will, on average, live five years less than people who spent less time on the couch and in front of the television screen. Those are some scary numbers.

The study tracked data from 11,000 Australian participants over the age of 25. It was published earlier this month in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

This study doesn’t prove that TV is quietly killing us. It’s more likely that lack of exercise and bad eating habits are shortening the lifespans of TV couch potatoes. A person who spends six hours a day staying active is almost certainly going to live longer than a person who likes to lean back in a recliner watching countless episodes of Judge Judy or Law and Order: SVU.

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