How to add textarea and live stream updates to your Facebook status

Posted by David Khoirul

Kode textarea facebook status tombol dan live stream iframe htmlAfter italic, bold and button, Facebook now allows you to tweak its URL with certain geeky codes, something that hackers would call XFBML injection -- as shown by fellow blogger The Hacker News. I saw this tweak everywhere on my friends' statuses. Using this injection trick, you can embed a text area and live stream updates. While the text area works almost the same way as doing the HTML codes, the live stream injection is more like putting a Facebook page into an iframe.

Text Area

To see how the text area injection looks, click here. Your Facebook status will look something like that after you inject the following codes:

Live Stream

Live stream shows status updates of Facebook users. Click here to see the demo, then use the following codes and enter in your address bar:

Now you can make your Facebook friends confused.

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